Do I need a business license to run this site?

No, anyone can run this website without a business license because as a travel affiliate you are simply the gateway to send visitors to travel suppliers for commission earnings. As no money transaction is made on your actual site, a business license is not required to run. Going the extra step and setting up a business for your site will help in the long run if you plan on growing this online business into a large well known travel site.

How do I make money?

The travel site is already setup and ready for you to make money. We have researched and tested the site using multiple affiliate programs and implemented some of the highest paying travel affiliate programs that will pay you instantly for bringing them customers. The site is completely automated to make money 24-7. The web technology turns visitors into cash using Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Sale methods.

How does the pay-per-click earning work?

Pay-Per-Click means you get paid even if people don’t book through your site. Every time someone clicks over to a travel supplier from your site, you earn per click. Average expected earnings per targeted travel visitor is $0.20-$1+ per with the combination of pay per click and pay per booking travel programs. You can earn multiple times as the same visitors clicks to compare travel options. See more about how to earn money on http://travelerrr.com/how-to-earn-money

What travel affiliate programs are used?

Contact us to find the best travel affiliate partners for your project. Based on your requirements we can recommend which affiliates will work best for you. With our packages as seen on www.travelerrr.com/getting-started we use Travelpayouts, VIPcars and Expedia as the main travel partners for you to grow your start up business. For elite service orders we custom develop your travel business and use the best partners in the industry.

Are the travel affiliates programs free to sign up?

Yes, all travel affiliate programs we have partnered with are 100% free to sign up and it only takes a few moments to open accounts with each affiliate provider. We provide full instruction during the order.

Do I earn commission on sales?

The website is mainly setup to be monetized with pay-per-click earnings although it is also able to earn you a percentage based commission on actual sales brought through site. For example, if someone books a flight on your website, you earn 50% net income meaning the travel partner will share with you 50% in whatever they profited on the deal. The same goes for Hotels and Car rentals.

Do I need to stock the store with products?

No, your store comes preloaded with real products ready for you to start selling to earn commission with Amazon affiliate programs. You don’t worry about processing purchase or shipping products, everything is handled for you. Sales can easily be tracked in you Amazon associates account and earnings can be withdrawn to bank or via check. Note: You will need active amazon account in order to setup store on your website.

How do I track my earnings?

After you sign up for the travel affiliate programs, you will be setup with an account for each with a username and password to login to track your earnings and withdraw when you choose. Its simple!

Is the domain included in the purchase?

No, the domain name is not included in the purchase. We re-brand your travel site on your domain name of your choosing. We have a list of pre-branded domain names available for you to choose from or you can find one yourself using domain registrars like www.godaddy.com. Once you have your domain name for your travel engine a high end graphic designer will design a logo to brand your site to be competitive with all major travel providers on the web.

Do I need experience running this site?

Unlike most websites that require you to have some experience managing, this fully automated, self updating and turnkey travel affiliate business requires absolutely no experience to run online. No daily maintenance, no follow up to inquires, no payment processing, everything is taken care of for you making it one of the easiest sites to manage and make successful.  This gives you the time to focus on other areas like promotion to grow revenue.

Do you setup site for me?

Yes, we take care of the setup, installation and monetization to get your site fully functional and operating on the web. You simply provide us with your domain name, host and affiliate details and we take care of the rest. We make it easy for you, providing a turnkey, ready to go business  in less than 2 weeks.

What are the costs associated with running this website online?

There are no surprise expenses or up-selling with this opportunity. The only expenses you are looking at to get this site live is the cost to purchase domain name and web hosting (free with our service). All websites need domain name and host to run. Other than these expenses, promotion is the only other expense and that is dependent on you and what you plan on doing to market site. Site can easily be marketed for free using effective strategies.

How do I promote my site?

We have PDF documents to teach you how to promote your site, where to go if you are looking to pay for promotional services and what to do if you would like to promote for free!  We are also here to support you each step of the way as you run your travel site successfully.

What is the earning potential running this site?

The average you can expect to make with this website is $1+ per visitor from targeted travel traffic. This means with only 100 visitors per day you could earn $100 per day, 200 visitors a day could earn $200/day, etc. As you grow your traffic and exposure, your earnings will continue to grow monthly in the form travel affiliate income. The more visitors using your travel search engines the more you earn in profits. Site earns with combination of PPB & PPC.

What kind of web hosting do I need and where do I purchase?

No special hosting is necessary; the site can easily be hosted on any basic hosting account with no loading problems. We recommend www.hostgator.com hatchling plan or www.bluehost.com. We also have our own hosting for you to choose with only $50 yearly, free for first year with any of our packages.

Where do I purchase domain names?

Domain names can be purchased for $1 to $12/year through godaddy.com. Here are some coupons to lower the price for domain names: FB99COM or IAP169. You can use www.domainsbot.com to help find a good available domain name, we also have options.

What is included in the purchase of the travel site?

The basic website package includes the following: New High End Travel Site, New Logo Design, Best Price Search Technology, Rotating Popular Destinations, Hotel, Flight, Car Rental and Cruise Booking, Affiliate Links Monetization, Installation & Setup, Website Customizations, SEO Keyword Research and Optimization, Website Email Account, Facebook Fan Page and Lifetime Technical Support. Additional pages can be included in the website package including monetized resources page, vacation rentals page, travel activities, online store, travel insurance and even a preloaded wordpress blog can be setup on a sub-domain to go with your travel booking site.

Can website be customized?

Of course!  Upon setup you will have options to change the color theme, rotating picture banners on the homepage, popular destinations or any other customizations to the site that you may require. We will work with you to customize as per your requirements. Website also comes with backend where you can perform your own customizations after the site is handed over to you.

Do you offer Direct Booking Travel Websites?

Please refer to our partner company TravSell for direct booking travel website development http://TravSell.com

How do I compete with major travel booking engines?

Target a location and a niche. This is our #1 recommendation for you to succeed. Don’t compete internationally with companies that spend hundreds of thousands on marketing every day. Target 1 location and dominate it for all inbound and outbound travel and you will find great success in doing this.

Do you have multiple designs to choose from?

Yes, please see two design demos available we can use to setup your travel booking search engine site: www.travsellpro.com and www.demo.travelerrr.com . Additional pages can be added to your site such as the blog, vacation rentals, resources page, travel activities, online store and any other pages you wish for additional funding.

How can I get started?

Contact us to get started. Send an email to support@travelerrr.com — You may also connect with us on skype, add contact: brayden.hall8 — Skype makes it easy for us to communicate back and forth before and after purchase. Video chat is not necessary; text chat is fine for instant messaging. Once you connect with us, we will walk you through how to get started and send invoice to make payment for your travel site to initiate process.

Can Google AdSense pay per click ads be added to site?

Yes, we can add Google ads to display on your site so that you can additionally earn money on pay per click ads. When someone clicks on ads on your site, you earn money. Earnings tracked in your Google AdSense account and can be withdrawn by check. This is optional, discuss with us if you would like to add this feature to your website.

Do I own full ownership rights to the site?

Yes, you will be the registered owner of the domain name and will own 100% full ownership rights to site so you can run and have option to turn around and sell at anytime.

How does the purchase transaction work?

A purchase invoice will be sent to your email for the agreed upon amount where you can simply fill out to make payment. Payments are processed through PayPal which accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

What happens after purchase?

After purchase you will be in touch with us to start the process of setting up your site on the web. We will collect your domain name, web hosting and affiliate details and then proceed to setup your site to be fully functional and monetized to make money. We will discuss website customizations and additional services will take place including logo design, keyword research, social services and more.

Does purchase include after sales support?

We want to help you succeed. Travel Web Package includes lifetime email support as you successfully run your travel search engine affiliate business online. If you ever have questions or need support, get in contact with us and we will be happy to assist you further.

Can I resell website?

Yes, you can resell website at anytime. What this means is you are not actually paying for this travel site; you are investing in it, growing its value and later can resell to someone for higher sales price. People will pay lots of money for a fully automated established travel business all ready to go. We can help out during the website transfer if you ever do choose to sell your site. This presents you a great website opportunity with very high return on investment.